About Metro Quicash

Every year more than a million of Filipinos leave for a job overseas. However Overseas Employment does not always come free; there are fees that need to be paid so one land a job; and majority of the Filipinos do not have sufficient money to get themselves to that dream job. They would need financial assistance, but borrowings from relatives and friends are oftentimes not enough.

Metro Quicash Lending Corp. is a loaning company that grants financial assistance to our Overseas Filipino Workers. We grant low interest loans; in fact ours is the lowest interest rate in the industry. Loan proceeds may be used for any pre-departure fees needed and to tide-up family expenses before the first salary abroad.

Metro Quicash Lending Corp. is located in the heart of Metro Manila; we are easily accessible via LRT or public jeepneys. We have the easiest loan requirements and we can approve your loan in as fast as 24 hours upon complete submission of requirements. The loan amount approved is also the loan amount released. We don't deduct anything from the loan proceed and there are no hidden charges. Loan amount depends on your choice; from one month of your basic salary to three times of it. Loan term will depend on you and your families need and your capacity to pay; we make sure the monthly amortizations of your loan is not a burden to you and to your loved ones.

Metro Quicash Lending Corp. is led by highly competitive individuals who have worked in the lending industry for ten years. Our experienced leaders have encountered almost all cases of all loan applicants; being experts in this field we make sure our loans are QUICK and EASY.